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For nearly 100 years we have had a tradition of making attractive, high quality bricks with a great density of colour to the same exacting standards, using the same degree of craftsmanship and care. Whether used for a new-build or renovation or extension, Bovingdon bricks have a highly desirable charm and character and will help to make your project beautifully unique.

When Appearance Really Matters

A beautiful building starts on the outside. The first thing that anyone will notice about a building is the brickwork. Beautiful bricks can add enormously to the appeal.

Perhaps for the first time you are about to embark on building a home just for you, or are looking for the brick that meets your client's needs. You will want to take every care to ensure it is as individual and as well-built as possible.

Choosing the right bricks is at the heart of building design, and we at Bovingdon Brick want to give you the individuality, quality and service to fulfil all your dreams. We are here to help. Our bricks will add to the pleasure and value, not just while you occupy the building but also when you sell it. Both our handmade and machine-made range boast stunning options, no matter your project.

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Our expertise also allows us to advise on the suitability of our bricks in construction, offer design guidance to ensure optimum effect in relation to colour and strength of mortars.


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