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Best of Britain: Bovingdon Brickworks

Posted 8th February, 2016

Bovingdon Brickworks, crafted brick manufacturers, is a part of one of the country’s elite long-standing industries that has mastered its craft and stood the test of time.

Located in the heart of Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, for almost a century, the crafters have created and maintained a reputation for creating the highest quality handmade bricks, man-made bricks, along with specials and arches. 

Use Bovingdon’s bricks on any house, archway or special decorative adornment and you’ll be stunned by the attractive, rich and dense colour that will transform even the most unassuming building. 

Bovingdon Bricks is an expert in the craftsmanship of homemade brick making and ensures each and every brick is made to the same exacting standards using care and attention throughout.

The homemade brickmakers don’t, however, underestimate the value of providing a bespoke and unique product, designed to each individual client’s colour and texture preferences. 

It is this mix of skill and creativity that has made, and enabled Bovingdon Brickworks to remain, a popular choice for all. 

It is the company’s unique process that enables this mix, as its qualities are embedded in the way Bovingdon Brickworks fires its bricks. Along with its immense efforts to sort and blend the bricks to personal specifications and the complete support provided from start to finish, through planning, selecting and building the handmade bricks, Bovingdon Brickworks is synonymous with professionalism and perfection. 

The handmade brick production method has remained the same for almost 100 years. Bovingdon Brickworks has sourced its clay locally since the 1920s from a site that prioritises sustainability. You could say it was ahead of its time! Scottish kilns have remained a staple of Bovingdon Brick’s heritage since its creation, along with trusted tools and techniques used by each and every craftsmen. 

Bovingdon Bricks understands that often, certain projects will require strict timeframes and scopes, and that’s why we’ve evolved to also use machine-made bricks. The Berry machine man-made bricks still retain the high quality standards that Bovingdon Bricks stand by, while enabling the high-volume production of bricks. The bespoke element of each brick is retained too. By using a ‘soft mud’ process, this enables the bricks to be made with a characterful and uneven arris and sanded texture to create a charming and unique finish.

Homes are as different and individual as the owners themselves, and that’s why Bovingdon Bricks offer a diverse, blended and harmonised selection of specials and arches, including special-shaped bricks, arches, brick-cutting, blends and pack selection. 

Whether it’s decoration or practicality you’re looking for, Bovingdon Brickworks’ mix of heritage and tradition, and bespoke focus is sure to transform any building into one that too, will stand the test of time. 

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