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About us

Bovingdon Brickworks is renowned for its wonderful range of gauged brick arch systems & bespoke made special bricks. Situated in the Chilterns, we at Bovingdon Brickworks manufacture handcrafted specials cut and bonded to BS sizes or unique items just for you. Our staff have over 75 years of combined experience within the field of arch manufacture and general brick cutting that allows you to feel you have chosen the best people to do the most important features you will see on your building every day.

We will ensure maximum effort is put into sorting and blending the bricks to your wishes; as well as the support we provide through the planning, selection and building process. All of this will be individual to your project. 

We understand that the bricks of any property are a highly indicative guide to the quality of the building as a whole. The appeal of any property when you come to sell it will support its price, and our services provide a significant contribution to that appeal.We hope that you select us at Bovingdon bricks for your property and development needs, and when you do you can be sure we will deliver the unique qualities you require and expect.

“We are small enough to care and big enough to cope with your build requirements”


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