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Brick Arches

Arches - for more than 4000 years arches have been built to adorn buildings. From ancient mosques and churches to great houses to cottage gardens, arches have been used as a form of both decoration and practical support for buildings.

Bovingdon Bricks / Arches


Arches are a way to add beauty, individualism and value to your home. Whether over a window or over the gateway to your garden or to mark the entrance to your garage they can present an opportunity for providing a pleasing landscape feature.

Now at Bovingdon we can provide you with pre-formed arches to make their assembly easier whilst still providing you with a beautiful outcome. We take great care to make them so that they accurately reflect the brickworks in the rest of your building.

We provide FOUR different styles of Arch:

  • The Lightweight Arch, using fibre cement board with a foam infill giving it easy lifting into place by hand, designed to be light in weight to make both installation and costs as simple and low as possible allowing great thermal qualities.
  • The Precast Arch, designed with its own built-in load-bearing lintel to provide a sturdy and strong support with all precast manufactured to Eurocode EC 1992-1-1
  • The Traditional Arch, for which you provide us with your brick choice and we pre-cut bricks to your design, for the arch to be built on site by professional brick-layers.
  • The Steel Backed Arch, your structural engineer will supply you with your steel specification dependant on the span you wish to cross. Then in turn we can affix our slip work using any manufacturer’s bricks to your required design.

Bovingdon Arches are precision made

We incorporate Computer Added Design to ensure that the dimensions of any arch are precise. Any Brick manufacturer’s bricks can be used and we can help you with a brick matching service ensuring that we can get the best match possible with your agreement. Or a contrast of colour and texture of any brick you care to specify. Making our Arches a stand out feature.

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