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Frequently Asked Questions

What is availability?

Due to current high demand throughout the brick industry many of our bricks are on a lead in period. Please discuss to your requirements with us in advance to minimise any project delays.

Do you do Imperial sizes?

Yes, 2 5/8”, 2 3/8” and 2” x 9” as well as 65mm x 9”” in the handmade range.

Where is the nearest stockist?

For your nearest stockist please contact the sales office.

What are the pack sizes?

All our products are packed in 500’s with the exception of 2 5/8” Imperial Handmade bricks which are packed in 480’s; all shrunk wrapped on pallets. 

How many packs should be mixed from?

We recommend mixing from 3-4 packs.

Do you do specials?

Yes Bovingdon Brickworks manufacture the full British Standard range as well as non-standards, subject to a drawing being supplied. All specials are handmade. View our range of special shaped bricks or download our specials brochure

Do you do bespoke blends?

Any mix can be achieved subject to current stocks, as a hand sorted blend or by pack selection.  You can download the our bespoke brochure here.

Where can we view sites?

The web site shows sites across the range of products as well as colour selection section.

Are Bovingdon bricks frost-proof?

Yes, all the bricks manufactured by Bovingdon Bricks are frost-proof. For further design advice you can download the BDA publication on exposed brickwork.

What about efflorescence?

Bovingdon bricks rarely have this problem and good site practice keeps the likelihood to virtually nil.

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