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Hand-Made Bricks

Bovingdon handmade bricks are the name in handmade clay bricks and the pinnacle of brick choice. The handmade brick process starts with our clay that has been locally sourced since the 1920s from a sustainable site. Next, one of our master craftsmen will individually throw each brick using tools and techniques that have changed little in the past century. Then they are fired in Scotch kilns, used for centuries for brickmaking. With only the finest bricks chosen to become Bovingdon Handmade Bricks, you can be confident in your selection.

As Hertfordshire’s sole surviving brick maker, Bovingdon is proud to be keeping the art of brick-making alive. The beauty of our handmades is clear to see, giving any build an immediate and obvious impact, whilst adding only a small premium on the overall cost of a project. With the demise of small regional brickworks, our textures and colours complement traditional buildings and houses across the country.

Bovingdon Bricks / Hand-Made Bricks


Once we have fired and drawn our Handmade Bricks from the kiln, we take them to storage. It is from this store that we blend the bricks that you choose.

We produce handmade bricks in a range of metric and Imperial sizes (65mm, 48mm, or 25/8 by 215mm or 9" long) as well as bespoke ranges. The cost difference between machine-made and handmade bricks can be as little as £1500 for an extension using 10,000 bricks to £4500 for a 25,000 brick new dream-home.

Aside from the beauty and elegance of our bricks the benefit of choosing handmades is in the exclusivity, investment and increased value of your property. Alongside conventional 'square' bricks we also make an extensive and matching range of handmade special bricks to complement the design of your building.

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