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Machine-made Bricks

Our celebrated Berry machine-made bricks are made on an Aberson machine which allows us to produce high volume matched by high brick quality, enabling us to retain the traditional nature of the brick. They are produced by the ‘soft mud’ process with a characterful and uneven arris combined with a sanded texture giving them a pleasing, soft and irregular appearance.

Bovingdon Bricks / Machine-made Bricks

Machine Crafted

All bricks can also be blended to your specification to save this having to be done on site.. Just select the mix of colours and sizes that you want and we will do the rest. They are manufactured to a standard 65x102.5x215 size.

We can adjust the colour range and hand-sort the bricks to suit your requirements.

The first step for you might be to come to Bovingdon to look at our bricks or to ask us to send you some sample bricks so that you get a real feeling for the colours and the textures.

If you are building your own house you will take into account many aspects of the project – the setting; the shape and size; the look you seek be it old or new; the colour.

During the process, we at Bovingdon worked closely with you and your advisers and suppliers at all times to make sure that the right bricks were available at the right time.

Brick Cutting

Arch Systems

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