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Brick Tinting, Flashing & Glazing

Our brick Tinting, Flashing & Glazing techniques enable you to match existing facades with new build projects. The flashing or a burnt glazed look was originally caused by the over firing process in kilns when the sand on the face of the brick turned to glass catching soot in the process making black shiny patches on the face of the brick. In some cases natural lime or salts migrated to the surface giving a white to grey effect during the same fired process.

We at Bovingdon Brick can now replicate this to a high standard with outstanding effects.

Colours and finishes are applied to the surface of your chosen brick without extra firing required to age the brick in a smoke matt or high bottle gloss finish. In some countries a demand for old bricks has led to application of mixtures of cement or lime and sand and many other combinations to give brick an aged appearance during the manufacturing process but this may not have been possible on the range you have already chosen.

We only require good quality photographs and we will be able to provide a free sample for your onsite matching, or simply choose a colour from our range and we will give your bricks that aged glazed soot appearance you desire.


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