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Brick Specials

At Bovingdon we make an extensive selection of cut & bonded or refaced special bricks to help you make your home a place that is unique. The combination of square and special-shaped bricks will give you a perfectly blended, harmonised and cohesive appearance that can be as individual as you choose.

Bovingdon Bricks / Specials

Special Shaped

Special shaped bricks can be incorporated into your project to perform either a practical function, for instance by turning walls through a 45° angle, or just to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your project and express the individuality of your property. We produce bespoke cut and bonded specials and can make to order.

Our Specials are made to British Standard sizes and available in both metric and imperial size. There is a separate Specials brochure which we can arrange to be sent to you - just contact us by phone or from our website. We also produce bespoke specials not listed in these pages and can make to order if you have a restoration project you wish to match.

Brick Cutting

Arch Systems

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